By Stacey Ash As you are probably aware, newborn photographers are a dime a dozen in central Ohio. All it takes is one look on a local facebook page where someone asks for a recommendation and you will see a long list of referrals.  So how do you know which one you should choose for […]

Wow, a year already! Harrison was the first newborn session I had in the new Powell studio. After that, I got to see him every 3 months for his Milestone sessions! Most newborns love to be wrapped. It’s my go-to for getting a fussy baby settled. Harrison wasn’t fussy, but he definitely did not like […]

Digital Backdrop – maybe you have heard the term, maybe not.  You have probably seen some examples and not even realized it.  I have gotten a few requests to replicate an image that was a digital backdrop (and often the client doesn’t realize that’s what it is). Digital backdrops are just that.  You purchase the […]

Hesitant about getting your photo taken? Moms are always behind the camera, it seems.  We rarely get in a photo and let’s be honest, most of the time we don’t want to.  We are so hard on ourselves, aren’t we?  I always make sure to get new moms in the photo with their new babies.  […]

Mini Session – one of photography’s buzz words right now.  So, what exactly are mini sessions?  Well, many people have them confused with “small” or “short” sessions.  There are some photographers who label their smallest package “mini” (I once did that), but I am not referring to those.  I am talking about the limited, special […]