Ohio Photography Workshop

The studio was full for the Ohio Photography Workshop for newborns. I hosted a newborn workshop in my Ohio studio for fellow photographers. It was a sold out event, with students traveling from several different states. I couldn’t have asked for a better group! They worked so well together. Not only were they friendly and fun, but everyone was receptive to new learning. I hope that all of the students walked away with some new skills and based on their feedback, I think it was a successful Ohio photography workshop!

Students at a photography workshop
Students from the Ohio newborn photography workshop

Kick Off The Ohio Photography Workshop!

The day started with a meet and greet. Where is everyone from? What do you hope to learn today? This was important for me as the host. I wanted to make sure that I covered as much as I could to meet as many needs from the group as I could. As the babies arrived, my assistant got the families settled. When it was time to start the work, the babies were fed and ready to go!

Workshop Time

Next, it was time to get to work. There were a total of four babies coming throughout the day. We had a girl and a boy for the first half of the day. The students really wanted to observe the froggy pose. I didn’t guarantee it, but promised to give it a try if we got the right baby. And we did! The first boy was so sleepy and chill. He posed easily and I was able to take the time to explain how to do each step safely.

newborn photography workshop froggy pose in ohio

More Ohio Babies

But, that wasn’t all. After a catered lunch, we got 3 more amazing babies to work with! The students observed as I posed, then they got to give it a try. I made sure that every photographer had the chance to get their hands on a baby. Some worked on posing, while others perfected their wrapping.

Ohio babies for newborn photography workshop

More Ohio Photography Workshops

New Ohio photography workshops are always being added and updated. To claim your spot for my upcoming workshops, keep an eye on my Education Page. My studio is located near Polaris Parkway in Columbus, Ohio. Other photographers will also be hosing workshops. If you have a large studio and would like to host, please contact me! I would love to visit and hold a workshop for you!

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