The only thing harder than going through a pandemic is watching your kids have to go through it – especially when they may not be old enough to understand why they can’t go anywhere. Still, they know that certain things are off-limits, and their lives are being somewhat restricted. For everyone, but moms especially, COVID […]

Pregnancy is stressful at the best of times. Expectant mothers are shuttled back and forth to the hospital, as doctors and nurses test and prod to ensure everything is normal. Then there’s preparing nurseries, picking out clothes and toys, deciding on names. And that’s before the contractions even begin! But for pregnant women, the COVID-19 […]

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! You are well on your way to bringing life into the world. However, due to your pregnancy, your body is going to change whether you like it or not. These changes could make you feel unsexy and shapeless, especially when you cannot fit into your old clothes anymore. Nevertheless, having a baby […]

Rainbow Baby is a fairly new term, but the strong emotions associated with the experience have been around forever. I have heard incredible stories of miracle babies bringing newfound joy to parents who have endured great pain. Rainbow Babies don’t erase the struggle, but they do offer hope. When I work with a Rainbow Baby, […]

I can NOT believe I just wrote that. In my mind I am not that far off from the 20 and 30 somethings in my life. I still think of myself in the same stage of life as those young’ins. Then that number quickly reminds me that I am in fact at a completely different […]

Emilia is the big ONE! A year ago Emilia was in my Powell studio for her newborn photos and just like that she was back for her one year cake smash! Emilia was my last session of 2019 and my last of 2020! Last year we did shades of pink for most of her photos, […]

Twinkle twinkle cake smash in Powell, Ohio

Limited Edition Sessions are coming up on November 14th. This year’s Christmas backdrop is gorgeous! It has a very traditional feel to it and the lights show up great in the photos. It is large enough for families, but also cute for just kids! The brick floor and park bench will be used for poses. […]

Everleigh was one of the happiest one year olds I have had for a session. She is such a smart girl and knew exactly what we wanted her to do. When I brought out the little ladder she didn’t even need an invitation! She climbed right up on the first step and gave me a […]

Josh and Jaslynn have been together for six years. They first met in seventh grade and played basketball against each other with friends at the neighborhood rec center. Later they had a class together during freshmen year of high school, but never did really converse. It wasn’t until spring of senior year, when they were […]