Hey, I'm Stacey, your baby specialist. I love working with new and young families! I am often told that I have a lot of patience when working with babies, but for me it's just natural. I have always had a knack for connecting with little ones and when I get to tap into my creative side, I am NEVER bored. It's just me in my element. You'll see - let's work together and make some magic!

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Katy is due with her first baby girl at the beginning of March. She booked a maternity and newborn bundle, which means I get to work with her during two very special moments in her life! Katy purchased the makeover add-on, as well. Stacey Ash Photography has partnered with La Prima Beauty to provide hair and makeup services before client photo sessions. Katy loved getting pampered and having a day where she got to feel refreshed.

The Hongs have had two sons. Logan was conceived in 2018. Their plan was to start trying after two years of marriage. After 8 months of trying, they found out they conceived Logan! At their 18 week ultrasound, they were excited for their gender reveal, followed by a party and baby moon to Canada. Little did they know that this ultrasound was the one that would share the sad news that Logan had hydrops fetalis and a cystic hygroma...