Hey, I'm Stacey, your baby specialist. I love working with new and young families! I am often told that I have a lot of patience when working with babies, but for me it's just natural. I have always had a knack for connecting with little ones and when I get to tap into my creative side, I am NEVER bored. It's just me in my element. You'll see - let's work together and make some magic!

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Red truck sessions are back and they always sell out! Once again we will be at the Cackler Family Farm in Delaware. With the cold, windy days we have had in the past, I have bumped up the date this year. Hopefully, we will get some nice weather! And won't it be nice to get your photos done early before the chaos of the holidays begins?!

The Hongs have had two sons. Logan was conceived in 2018. Their plan was to start trying after two years of marriage. After 8 months of trying, they found out they conceived Logan! At their 18 week ultrasound, they were excited for their gender reveal, followed by a party and baby moon to Canada. Little did they know that this ultrasound was the one that would share the sad news that Logan had hydrops fetalis and a cystic hygroma...