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Dublin Toy Emporium in Ohio
Dublin Toy Emporium

It seems internet shopping has destroyed some brick and mortar stores. I admit that I too do most of my shopping online. But, when my kids were little I loved going into baby stores. It’s a different experience when you get to browse the items in person. Dublin Toy Emporium is a great option!

It was a sad day when Toys R Us closed and now Buy Buy Baby. I have fond memories going into both of those stores with my kids. They used to get so excited looking at all the fun toys! And Christmas time was so special, looking for just the right gifts to put under the tree. It’s just not the same clicking the mouse to scroll through pages. Now, with most of the big stores closing, what are we to do?

Support local shops like Dublin Toy Emporium

The best thing you can do is shop locally. This is not only a great experience, but it’s also supporting local businesses. Indeed, they really need your support in the midst of this internet world!

Columbus famillies, your first stop should be Dublin Toy Emporium.

Caring Owner

The owner, Enas Lanham, is a mother and a former educator, so she gets your needs! The mission of the store is to provide high-quality, mind-expanding, safe, and fun toys for all ages. They take great pride in selecting products that enrich child development, such as wooden toys, learning games, puzzles, arts and crafts, and so much more.

Enas says, “Dublin is where I live and raise my family, and I want to spread the love of art, learning, and play through the Dublin community.”

Dublin Toy Emporium in historic Dublin
Dublin Toy Emporium

What to Expect at the Dublin Toy Emporium

The store is located in the very charming historic area of Dublin. It’s a cute brick building that sits along a brick sideway. When you walk in, it has an open and inviting feel. Most of the shelving is along the edges of the room, leaving pleny of space for kids to explore. Kids are encouraged to touch and feel the toys!

What I noticed is the quality of the items in the store. Wooden toys are great for toddlers, who tend to destory cheap plastic toys in a day. At Dublin Toy Emporium, you can also find toys and activities for all ages. Wooden toys and dolls for the young children, science and art kits for the big kids.

You can get an inside look at the store and hear directly from the owner in a video posted on the City of Dublin’s Facebook page.

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