Ohio Babysitting Rates

Ohio babysitting rates are all over the map. So, what is the going rate for a babysitter? I see this asked everyday in the local mom groups. There is always a wide range of answers. So, what is the right answer?

Ohio babysitting rates

Average Cost

Ohio babysitting rates average around $13.80 per hour. You can expect to pay anywhere between $9.50 and $20. Of course, a lot depends on location, responsibilities, qualifications, ages, and the number of children.

Additional Costs for Ohio Babysitting

For the most part, full time babysitters make about 15% more than the average. You can expect to pay a full time babysitter in Ohio around $15-$16. However, part time babysitters charge around $13.66, which is 1% below the average in Ohio.

Some other factors to consider are: first aid training, having a car, and driver’s license.

Cost by Number of Children

More children means more work. This is especially true when the age ranges vary. Therefore, for each additional child, you should plan on paying an extra $1 or $2 an hour.

Ohio Babysitting Rates by Age

The ages of the children can also impact Ohio babysitting rates. An infant requires a lot more care and attention. On average, babysitters caring for an infant receive an additional 4% higher than the average rate. You can expect to pay 2% more for a toddler, 1% more for preschoolers, and 1% more for grade-school children.

I hope this helps give you an idea of Ohio babysitting rates. However, if you still need help, Nanny Lane has some helpful tips for reducing babysitting costs.

If you are struggling to find a babysitter, give Care.com a try.

Ohio babysitting rates - Mom and baby

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