What to Wear for a Family Photo Shoot

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I am a photographer. I work with a lot of new families. Therefore, I often get asked for fashion advice. Clients want to know what to wear for a family photo shoot. Here are some tips for choosing outfits that will look great for your family session.

what to wear for a family photo shoot

1 – Don’t delay

Plan ahead to make sure you have all of the pieces for each family member. Don’t wait until the night before and try to scramble through closets to make something work. If you are an Amazon shopper like me, start a few weeks before the shoot. That way you can get it all delivered and have time to exchange.

2 – Coordinate what to wear for a family photo shoot

Your clothing needs to coordinate, not match. This means the colors you all wear should compliment each other, but not necessarily be the same exact color. Think about how cool and warm colors work together. For example, you may want to choose a few tones from a warm palette such as brown, red, and gold. Or, you can pick cool colors like teal, navy, and grey.

3 – Stick to Solids

While you can add some patterns and texture as accents, the main pieces in your wardrobes should be solid in color. Florals, wording on shirts, checkered patterns, or anything too busy will take away from the subject – YOU! The purpose of your family session is to capture the people in your family. Your clothing should not distract from that purpose.

In addition, if you are doing a newborn family session, avoid collars. The collar can sometimes get in the way of some poses with the baby.

4 – Add Some Accent Pieces

Add some complimentary details to your outfits with simple accessories like jewelry or a scarf. Fashion hats can work on occasion, but it’s for a very specific look (boho, country, etc.) Avoid baseball caps. You can also add some detail with a pop of texture. A sweater or jean jacket works well for this.

5 – Think About Your Home

Hopefully you are getting photos to hang in your home! So, when thinking about what to wear for a family photo shoot, consider the colors in your home. If your walls are cooler in nature (blues and greys for instance), then you won’t want to wear shades of red and orange. And if your home is warmer in tones, then think about fall foliage. Those fall leaves are a great guide for your outfits. And hey, fall is a great time to book your family photo session!

6 – Location and what to wear for a family photo shoot

When selecting outfits, don’t forget to consider the location! Are there structures or natural elements? What colors are around? Avoid wearing anything that may clash with your surroundings.

And when in doubt, check with your photographer. Pinterst has some great ideas, too! I even created a board with some coordinated outfit options. Take a look!

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