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friends singing at swiftie minis
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Swiftie Minis are coming this April, 2024 to Columbus, Ohio! Taylor Swift is all the rage right now. She is on top of the world and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The Decision to Plan Swiftie Minis When Fancy Fabrics and Props released their line of Taylor Swift backdrops, I couldn’t wait […]

Swifite Minis in Columbus, OH

Child Portraits, Limited Session

ohio family newborn session
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4 Things to Consider When Hiring One for Your Family Family portraits are special. They bring your family together. They preserve special memories. This is why you should hire a skilled portrait photographer. In my previous post, ‘7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Newborn Photographer,’ I discussed some standards for newborn photographers. Now, I’m […]

Portrait Photographer Columbus Ohio

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what to wear for your next photoshoot
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Hey! I’m Stacey! As you research photographers in Delaware, Ohio there are a few things to consider. I hope I can help you prioritize your needs. There are a lot of us in the area, so how do you know who to hire for your family? Niche – the right photographers around Delaware, Ohio You […]

Photographers Delaware Ohio – The Search

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Princess Party Columbus Ohio
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Princess Party events have become a big trend in Columbus, Ohio in recent years. My kids are still young, so I have seen some of these princesses in action. Meeting Amy A few years ago my son and I got invited to a friend’s house for a private appearance by Cinderella. Although I had heard […]

Princess Party Columbus Ohio – A Magical Event!

Child Portraits, Children, Limited Session

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There are so many different photography styles out there. It’s great because everyone can find a photographer that fits their style. So what’s my style and why don’t I do something different? Let me tell you how I settled on my clean photography style! Trending Styles The big styles trending right now are light & […]

My Clean Photography Style

Child Portraits, Family Session

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Buzz Words – “Mini Sessions” Mini Sessions – one of photography’s buzz phrases right now.  So, what exactly are mini sessions?  Well, many people have them confused with “small” or “short” sessions.  There are some photographers who label their smallest package “mini” (I once did that), but I am not referring to those.  I am […]

Mini Sessions – Affordable for Who?

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