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We all know the pandemic has been tough on businesses. Maternity stores in Columbus Ohio are no exception. One of the maternity stores I used to partner with closed permanently during the pandemic. I am sure shopping right now is tough if you expecting a child. Sure, online shopping is convenient. But, when I was pregnant I loved going into maternity stores to look around. It’s fun to find gems you didn’t know you needed. Additionally, I have a hard time finding the right fit. Being able to try clothes on is a must!

new mom needs help finding baby stores in columbus ohio

Then I Found Clothes Mentor in Columbus

Maternity stores in Columbus, Ohio are tough to find these days. Unfortunately, Destination Maternity is no longer open. And sadly, Babies R Us closed their doors, too. Those were two of my favorite baby stores in Columbus. They were located near each other, too. So where does a new mom shop for maternity clothing? You should check out Clothes Mentor in Columbus!

Back in 2013 I visited this store often! I remember scrambling around to find pants for work. Then, Clothes Mentor saved the day! They had a good variety and fitting rooms! I was able to find plenty of outfits for work and even a pair of jeans I could wear post-partum!

Clothes Mentor carries other items, too! They have thousands of handbags, jewelry, and shoes! They get new items in everyday, so you need to check back often.

Clothes Mentor Locations in Columbus Ohio

There are several Clothes Mentor locations near Columbus. Westerville is closest for me. I found everything I needed there! There are also stores in Gahanna, Upper Arlington, and Dublin. Surely, one of those locations will work for you. For those of you not in the Columbus area, there are several other stores around the state. First, visit Then you can type in your zip code and find a store near you.

You Can Sell Your Stuff, too!

Avoid the online or consignment selling hassle. Clothes Mentor Columbus will buy back your items. This is especially handy for your maternity pieces. When I knew I was done having kids, I couldn’t wait to pack up all my old maternity clothes. It’s nice to get a bit of money back for them, so make sure you don’t throw anything out.

Do you need to shop for baby items, too? Then go Check out the best stores in Columbus!

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