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Child enjoying a museum in Columbus

Are you looking for a Columbus childrens museum? Surprisingly, there aren’t too many in the city. You can take a short drive and find some great children’s museusm, but we actually don’t have many IN Columbus. However, we do have the best children’s museum in the state! Below are three great options for Columbus Childrens Museums that you should consider!


It’s the best Columbus Childrens Museum!

I’m sure you have heard of it; COSI. I admit, I have been going to COSI since my Girl Scout days in elementary school, but it wasn’t until recently that I learned COSI stands for Center for Science and Technology. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious. I just had never thought about it!

When you think of Columbus Childrens Museums, you might not think in terms of science and technology. But, you should. There is so much to see and do. When my boys were little I loved taking them to the kids’ seciton, Little Kidspace. It is safe and secure for the small kids, with a check in and out system for parents. That way no child can wander off or leave with the wrong people. Inside the kids’ area are lots of interactive displays, like a play farm, trains, and emergency vehicles. There is also an area for creating with light and painting. My boys really loved the water room!

Child playing at Cosi, Columbus Childrens Museum

Big kids love COSI, too!

As my kids got older, they really loved the ocean exhibit at this Columbus Childrens Museum. They can climb in an underwater submarine and control water blasters. There are experiments with water, sand, and balls suspended with water fountains.

2 – Central Ohio Fire Museum, LLC

It’s not your average Columbus Childrens Museum.

Vintage fire house, Columbus Childrens Museum

Second on the list for a great Columbus Childrens Museum is Central Ohio Fire Museum, LLC. This is a place I just stumbled upon. I was leaving a conference at the Columbus Convention Center when I spotted it while sitting at red light. Right in front of me was this beautiful old firehouse. I didn’t know it was a museum at the time. I just thought it was a really cool fire station. Upon further research, I learned what a cool building it is.

Their website says the museum pays tribute to firefighter’s past, present, and future. Visitors can retrace the steps of firefighters and learn about their day-to-day lives in the engine house. They have programs for all ages for fire safety education.

The historical exhibits represent the history of firefighting in central Ohio from the 1820’s to present day. They have early hand pulled carts, a horse-drawn steam engine, and early examples of motorized fire apparatus’ on display.  The 1908 building was originally Engine House #16 and was the last fire station built to house the horse-drawn steam engines.

3 – Columbus Museum of Art

Think outside the box when considering a Columbus Childrens Museum!

You could also take the kids to the Columbus Museum of Art. It’s not necessarily a Columbus children’s museum, but there are some neat things to see.

Exhibit at Columbus Childrens Museum

Their website says their mission is to create great experiences with great art for everyone. They rotate the exhibits, too. Check out their website for what’s on display and plan a trip when you see something the kids will enjoy. And the best part is Sundays are free for the whole family!

I hope this list was helpful and saves you time! Go enjoy a Columbus Childrens Museum with your family!

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