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baby born in hospital
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It was a pleasure speaking with Megan Neal from Birth Your Way Columbus. Megan is a childbirth educator, birth doula, reiki & massage practitioner, and placenta worker. We had a candid conversation about how she became a doula and what she is passionate about in her work. Tell Us About Birth Your Way I’m a […]

A Candid Conversation with Megan from Birth Your Way

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westar ob/gyn lobby
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Back in 2012 I was newly pregnant. My husband and I had only been married a couple of months, so I hadn’t lived in the Columbus area very long. That meant I didn’t have a local OB/GYN. All I knew was that I did not want to drive the hour back to my former doctor […]

Westar OB/GYN

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Mindful Activities for Kids and families
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In our fast-paced world, teaching kids tools for unwinding and mindfulness is crucial. This guide delves into a variety of activities aimed at cultivating relaxation, healthy habits, and positive energy in children. It’s an essential resource for fostering their overall well-being in today’s busy environment. Let’s dive into some important Mindful Activities for Kids! 1 […]

9 Mindful Activities for Kids

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I have only attended one yoga class in my life. (Don’t worry, it was not at GoYoga New Albany!) The funny part is that I attended by mistake! You see, I had a pass for 25 classes at a local workout studio. My preference was Zumba. So, I showed up at the regularly scheduled Zumba […]

GoYoga New Albany

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working from home parents
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Remote Work: A Parent’s Survival Guide for Working from Home With Toddlers As remote work continues to become prevalent in the workforce, parents find themselves juggling the challenges of working from home. More than ever, parents are working from home with toddlers and babies in tow. Balancing professional responsibilities and parental duties can be overwhelming. […]

Working from Home With Toddlers

Advice, Children

in-person sales album
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Your struggle with pricing is no secret! I know you have changed your strucure and pricing many times. You can’t decide which method works best. How do I know this? Because I have done the exact same thing and STILL find myself tweaking my pricing every year. Success Stories We’ve all heard the stories. Photographers […]

In-Person Sales vs. Online Galleries

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parenting tips for Columbus Ohio moms
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Your parenting journey is about to begin, and you couldn’t be more excited. These positive parenting tips will help you tackle the challenges you’ll face with a newborn and beyond. For example, baby-proofing your home, making sure your kids get plenty of exercise, and creating a schedule that leaves room for family time are all […]

10 Positive Parenting Tips for Children of all Ages

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When I was pregnant I loved going into baby stores to look around and stock up for the near future. It’s fun to find gems you didn’t know you needed. Once my first child was born, I realized just how quickly babies grow. It seemed I couldn’t keep up with the right size clothing. Then, […]

Once Upon A Child Westerville

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Columbus Children’s Choir is not something I knew about prior to moving to the area. I grew up in an era without social media. Living in northern Ohio, I had just never had the opportunity. Surely, more young people know about the group now. If you are a young person who loves to sing and […]

Columbus Children’s Choir – musical education and vocal performance

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newborn photography coach
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I have been a newborn photography coach since 2022. Right out of the gate, students started flocking to me. I knew immediately I made the right decision. There is such a need for quality instruction in the newborn photography niche. Private Mentoring and Workshops I do many private 1:1 mentoring sessions and small group workshops […]

Newborn Photography Coach

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