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Hey! I’m Stacey! As you research photographers in Delaware, Ohio there are a few things to consider. I hope I can help you prioritize your needs. There are a lot of us in the area, so how do you know who to hire for your family?

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Niche – the right photographers around Delaware, Ohio

You probably know this already, but make sure you view the work of any photographer you are considering hiring. Sure, everyone has a budget, but don’t let cost alone be the deciding factor. You need to find a photographer with a style that resonates with you. Is the photographer active on socail media so you can see their most recent work? Do they have a consistent portfolio on their website? Be sure the images you are viewing belong to the photographer, too. Any legally operating photography business will not be sharing others’ work to advertise for their own sessions.

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What’s provided?

Are you wanting an outdoor session, a wedding phtogorapher, or access to a studio? Every photographer provides their own specialized services. I happen to have a very spacious studio. It is FULL of props, baby accessories, and a client wardrobe. If you are looking for a photographer to provide you with lots of backdrop and clothing options I may be a great match for you!

Is the photographer a legal business?

Many photographers start taking photographer as a hobby. The minute they start accepting payment, though, they must register with the state and pay taxes on the income. Even if it’s not very profitable or a main source of income for them, they still need to be operating legally. Why is this important? Well, most of the time when a business has taken all the right steps, chances are they are also doing stuff right in other areas, as well, This means they probably have good equipment, have taken coursework to imporve their craft, and pay for insurance to protect both themselves and the client. One easy way to check for a legally-operating business is to search your state’s site. If you are in Ohio, you can plug in any business name at the Ohio Secretary of State website.

Safety of Photographers in Delaware Ohio

As you research the many photographers in the area, find what they prioritize. If you are looking for someone to take photographers of your baby or young child, safety should be a focus. A trained newborn photographer will have safety measures in place. I also hire an assistant to stay near the baby at all times, but I know many newborn photographers do not have extra staff on hand. Are vaccinations important to you? Does the photographer have any credentials or experience working with babies and children?

Before you can find the right fit, you first need to figure out what is important to you. These are things that you may not have considered before with a photgrapher. Good luck with your search and let me know if I can help! Reach out to me via email:

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