My Clean Photography Style

There are so many different photography styles out there. It’s great because everyone can find a photographer that fits their style. So what’s my style and why don’t I do something different? Let me tell you how I settled on my clean photography style!

My clean photography style in use for a maternity session.

The big styles trending right now are light & airy and dark & moody. There has also been a rise in rough, unpolished photos. The background has a very grunge look with exposed hardware and wrinkled backdrop.

There are others, but those are the big styles that are taking over right now. My style, though? It’s clean and true to color. Sure, I know how to edit my work to be trendy, but I want my work to be timeless. I want future generations to look at my work and still be wowed, rather than asking, “What was she thinking?” (Remind anyone of those double exposure wedding photos from the 90’s or Glamour Shots?!)

My clean photography style for a newborn session.

A Clean Photography Style Enhances the Natural

My personal preference is that my clients look true to themselves, not washed out or with orange-tinted skin. I want the background to look real, too. Green trees and grass should still look green in photos!

So what do I call my style? It’s a clean edit. I do still edit every photo, but it’s to enhance the natural, not change it.

My Clean Photography Style at a wedding
Light & Airy, Dark & Moody, Crisp & Clean

My Clean Photography Style Works Everywhere

The nice thing about a clean edit is that it works in every setting. So, when you get prints made, you don’t have to worry about them clashing with the style of your home. And they are safe to give away as gifts, where you may not know the person’s style.

Hopefully, you better understand my editing style now! My hope is that my clean photography style will resonate with you. I would love to be your Ohio photographer for your upcoming pregnancy, newborn, or one year old session.

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