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When I was pregnant I loved going into baby stores to look around and stock up for the near future. It’s fun to find gems you didn’t know you needed. Once my first child was born, I realized just how quickly babies grow. It seemed I couldn’t keep up with the right size clothing. Then, I found Once Upon A Child Westerville! It was an amazing store for a new mom and so close to my home!

Once Upon A Child Westerville clothing

Finding Once Upon A Child Westerville

I was shopping at Clothes Mentor for maternity clothes when I stumbled upon Once Upon A Child in Westerville. They share a parking lot, so it was really easy to do a 2 for 1 shopping trip! I went in just to check it out and ended up leaving with bags full of toddler clothing!

More than Just Clothing at Once Upon A Child Westerville

Once Upon A Child doesn’t just have baby and kids’ clothing. You can also find baby equipment like high chairs and strollers. I found a two-child sit and stand stoller there when my second was born! They also have gently used toys. When my son was really into Thomas the Train, we found so many great items for him at Once Upon a Child Westerville! Kids’ interests change frequently, so it is nice to not pay full price for toys that they love for brief time periods.

Once Upon A Child Westerville toys

Once Upon A Child Locations in Ohio

There are 28 Once Upon A Child stores in Ohio. Westerville is closest for me. I found everything I needed there! But, Once Upon A Child is a national brand. You can most likely find a store near you. Visit https://www.onceuponachild.com. Then you can type in your zip code and find a store near you.

You Can Sell Your Stuff, too!

Avoid the online or consignment selling hassle. Once Upon A Child Westerville will buy back your items. This is especially handy for those items that your babies grow out of so quickly. When I knew I was done having kids, I couldn’t wait to pack up all my old baby and toddler clothing. It’s nice to get a bit of money back for them, so make sure you don’t throw anything out.

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