Baby Stores in Columbus, Ohio

Baby Store in Columbus, Ohio

As a Columbus, Ohio newborn and child photographer I get to talk to a lot of parents. Because they come from all around Central Ohio, I get some great tips for all over Ohio! I love being central to everything. Most things can be found within 30 minutes, but definitely not farther than an hour in most cases. Columbus is great for that. You can find almost anything you need! And one of the number one things new parents need? Columbus Ohio Baby Stores, of course!

Since Babies R Us closed (I am still so sad about that), where should you go to find awesome baby clothing and gear?! I have raised two babies in the Columbus area and I meet many amazing parents through my work. So, I have gathered a pretty great list! Below you will find my top 5 picks for the best Columbus Ohio Baby Stores!

Easton – Two great baby stores in Columbus, Ohio

1. Check out Buy Buy Baby. Years ago, when I was planning my son’s six month pictures, I couldn’t find an outfit that worked. I had been all over, but couldn’t find the sporty look I was going for. I finally made the trip to Easton and found the perfect Celtics green onesie and coordinated athletic shorts. It was my first time shopping there, and it wasn’t my last! I was really impressed with their selection. If you haven’t been there yet, definitely make it happen! You can make a day trip out of it. Ride the trolley, grab some lunch (The Melt – mmmmm), and shop! Sounds like a great day to me!

2. Another great Easton store is Lilylimes! They do have very cute baby clothing, but they offer more than just fashion. You can find really great feeding items, books, and unique toys here! They have some of the cutest plush rattle buddies. Just check out their website and you will see what I mean!

Polaris – Two more great baby stores

3. Janie and Jack is one adorable store! My mother in-law got me hooked on Janie and Jack when I was expecting my first son. She loved the vintage look of many of their items. I liked getting dressier outfits there for holidays and church. I visited this store often for that special occasion. You’ll find fancy attire like bow ties, preppy clothing with anchors and sailboats, and casual school clothing with dogs and baseballs. They have a little bit of everything, but it’s all a little bit higher quality than most of the other baby clothing stores.

4. Pottery Barn Kids is the place to go for baby décor. Whether it’s bedding, furniture, or toys, they have a great selection. When my boys were little we loved to go in there just to look around at their displays. They always had really cute bedrooms set up on display. We liked finding all the neat toys and lamps. My oldest was really into trains, so it was fun hunt for a choo-choo. We almost always found one on a nightstand or toy shelf!

Westerville – baby store that’s worth the drive

5. Once Upon a Child is the place to go to buy in bulk on a budget! This was my go-to store when my first child would go through growth spurts. When they are babies, they grow out of clothing so fast! I could stock up here for next to nothing. I knew he wouldn’t wear the items long, so this was a great option. Yes, I had to search the racks, but everything is always organized by size so it’s not too bad. They have toys and equipment, too! I got our sit and stand stroller there! You can sell your items back to them, too.

So Many Great Baby Stores in Columbus, Ohio

There are so many options for baby stores in the Columbus, Ohio area. I’m confident that you can find what you need by sticking with these five. Happy shopping!

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