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Columbus Children’s Choir is not something I knew about prior to moving to the area. I grew up in an era without social media. Living in northern Ohio, I had just never had the opportunity. Surely, more young people know about the group now. If you are a young person who loves to sing and wants to dive into an amazing world of musical education, all you have to do is search Google! Certainly, Columbus Children’s Choir will come up! This group has a rich history and are well respected across the country! So, if you want to know more, here’s a quick cliff’s notes version of why this is such a fabulous group!


“Fostering the personal growth of children through meaningful experiences in music education and vocal performance.”

Columbus Childrens Choir performs

This is a wonderful organization for school age children in Central Ohio. Their focus is healthy voices, music education, exciting performances, and community. You do not need prior experience to join! Additionally, they welcome new members throughout the year. That, along with generous financial aid, really shows they have a committment to their mission.


In January of 1987 the Columbus Symphony Orchestra Children’s Chorus was formed. They had six weeks of rehearsal. Then, the choir gave its first performance under the direction of Dr. Sandra Mathias in a Memorial Day Concert with the Columbus Symphony Chorus.

In 1996, the choir became an independent, nonprofit, community children’s choir and Dr. Mathias became the artistic director. That year, the newly formed Columbus Children’s Choir held its first season.

Each season, it serves 500+ students and teachers. The choir offers educator workshops, festivals, community engagement projects, and programs for children K-12.

Columbus choir at Franklin Park Conservatory


Dr. Mathias served as the Founder and Artistic Director of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra Children’s Choir and the Columbus Children’s Choir for 25 years. She holds many awards and recognitions. Dr. Mathias has been a guest lecturer in England, China, Hungary, and the Canary Islands. Without a doubt, Dr. Mathias paved the way for the success of the choir.

Jeanne Wohlgamuth is the Artistic Director. Mrs. Wohlgamuth is the recipient of countless awards, including Teacher of the Year at several schools. She. like Dr. Mathias, has also received many awards and recognitions, including an invitation to sing with the Vienna Boys Choir in a tour of Austria and Hungary. 


Children entering grades 3-12 are eligible to audition for the choir. To join, children are given a simple vocal assessment. Not only is no preparation required to audition, but reading music is not a prerequisite to join the choir. The great leaders actually teach the members how to read music! Above all, the choir is proud to offer a choral experience for the vast majority of applicants.

Additionally, children entering grades 1 and 2 can enroll in the Young Musicians Classes without an audition.

Tuition is a fraction of the cost of other extracurricular activities and they offer generous need based financial aid.

Many opportunities with the Columbus Childrens Choir
Many opportunities with the Columbus Childrens Choir!

Highly Recommended

Overall, the Columbus Children’s Choir provides a wonderful experience for young musicians. Not only do members learn music, they also gain confidence and overcome performace fears! In a word, I highly recommend Columbus Children’s Choir for young musicians! To find out more, visit their webiste here.

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