I Guess I’m a Columbus Ohio Entrepreneur!

Columbus Ohio Entrepreneur

I’m learning a lot about myself as I age. I’m realizing that I am an entrepreneur at heart. That didn’t hit me until just recently, while I was diving into a business course. My coach challenged me to think about my “why”. I have another job, so why is my mind constantly thinking about my business? What is driving me to be a Columbus Ohio Entrepreneur? So I dug deep, like way back!

Where it Began…

My first business was started around the age of 7. My friend and I sold our colored pictures at a stand along the road. We sold one picture to her dad’s friend who stopped. I think we sold it for $.10 and we were so happy! We still talk about that venture to this day.

That wasn’t the only business I had going as a kid, though. I once build my own miniature golf course in my backyard, all so I could charge people to use it during our neighborhood garage sales. It wasn’t about the money, though. I just got such a rush out of creating something that people would like!

On to college where I headed up the aerobics classes, started coaching private baton twirling lessons, and for my creative fix I was the sports photographer for the college newspaper. After college I launched the town’s first annual dog walk as a fundraiser for the humane society. A few years after that I started my own baton twirling corps. None of this earned me a living, but I sure did enjoy the thrill of seeing my vision come to fruition.

Becoming a Columbus Ohio Entrepreneur!

So I had all these little side projects going my whole life, but the one thing that never changed was my creativity. There are many random pictures of my pets that I forced to pose for my silly little photoshoots when I was young. I was always staying up late crafting, building, or making willow trees out of melted candles. I had to create and I think building all these little “businesses” was just another outlet for my creativity. Now I get to do this amazing job that combines all of my obsessions: babies, art, and entrepreneurship. It really is perfect for me and I love being a Columbus Ohio Entrepreneur!

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