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powell ohio professional headshots

You are probably here because you need a new headshot. Maybe you are searching the greater Columbus area or maybe you are looking for Powell Ohio photographers specifically. Either way, you are on the right track!

Your Digital Photo is Key

In today’s digital world, it is vital to have an online presence. Most importantly, your professional photo is usually what makes the first impression. I had one CEO ask me if he was smiling too big. I replied with, “Do you want to come across as warm and friendly?” Of course, he did! So, he had his answer. When someone sees you online, in a newsletter, or in a company email, you have to think about that first impression! Another client of mine wanted to come across as edgy and tough. Therefore, I adjusted my lighting and posing to give off that desired vibe.

Everything is online nowadays. Virtual meetings, online resumes, LinkedIn, digital applications, the list goes on. Without a high resolution, high quality photo of yourself, you are already setting yourself back against your competitors.

Who Do I Serve (Powell Ohio Photographers reach beyond Powell)

As a Powell Ohio photographer I meet people from all over central Ohio. I think the majority of professionals find me through Google. I work with business professionals in all areas from pharmaceuticals to estheticians. Some need a solid white background for a company website. Others want an updated profile photo for LinkedIn and Facebook. I have even worked with business owners who were going to be featured in a magazine. Really, it all comes down to the look you want. I talk to my clients to get a feel for how their photos will be used. Then, I select the background and adjust my lighting to match.

How Does It Work?

I promise it’s super easy! We can chat through e-mail, phone, or text. Tell me why you need for a headshot and we can talk through the kind of photo we need to get for you. Then, we’ll compare calendars and pick a day that works. Next, booking is very easy. I will send you everything through e-mail. You can pay your invoice and sign everything to book your session right on your phone or computer. It’s very simple and quick. Finally, on the day of your session you can bring a couple of outfits. Most of the time you just need the top half. We’ll be done in under 30 minutes. Don’t worry about posing or any of that. I will tell you what to do and make you very comfortable! You will have your proofs within a couple of days. The last step is to make your selections so I can edit and send them to you. Easy-peasy!

powell ohio professional headshots

I am a proud member of the Powell Chamber of Commerce. They have graciously listed me as one of their preferred Powell Ohio Photographers. If you need an updated professional headshot, let’s chat!

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