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Back in 2012 I was newly pregnant. My husband and I had only been married a couple of months, so I hadn’t lived in the Columbus area very long. That meant I didn’t have a local OB/GYN. All I knew was that I did not want to drive the hour back to my former doctor for all of my maternity appointments. Thankfully, I had a good friend who was established in Columbus. I very much trusted her opinion on all matters, so I asked her who she went to for her female needs. She recommended Westar OB/GYN. I gave them a call and got an appointment right away. It was surprisingly easy!

My Doctor at Westar OB/GYN

My first appointment was with my friend’s regular doctor and it she was so sweet. The whole appointment was comfortable and just exciting! All of my following appointment were with Dr. Murnane. He became my go-to doctor for all of my pregnancy appointments, as well as yearly checkups. Dr. Murnane has been with Westar OB/GYN since 2003. It’s strange to think that was over 20 years ago (I know that makes me sound old)!

Delivering My Babies

Westar OB/GYN has an amazing team of doctors and partnerships. I went into labor just outside of Dr. Murnane’s on-call hours for both of my pregnancies. But, both of the doctors who did deliver my babies were incredibly sweet and were in constant contact with Dr. Murnane.

The great Dr. Heidi Arbona safely delivered my first son. I have the most vivid memory of her looking up at me smiling while I was in active labor and pushing. Her joy was so reassuring as I welcomed my first child into the world! And amazingly, she stuck around after her shift to check in with me. We had kept my son’s name a secret so we could suprise my father in-law. Dr. Arbona didn’t want to go home until she found out our baby’s name. I was incredibly grateful for her kindness!

Westar OBGYN - St. Ann's Hospital with Dr. Arbona

The next morning after delivering, Dr. Murnane was the first one to come visit. He was so excited to hear about delivery, find out the baby’s name, and check my health.

Delivering my second son was just as amazing. I had an appointment at 4:00PM with Dr. Murnane. I was already 4 cm dilated, but not feeling any kind of labor yet. I remember him say, “Feel free to go into labor anytime now”. Well, at 8:00 that evening labor hit and my son was born just 2 hours later! Dr. Murnane once again was not on call becuase he had a full shift at Westar OB/GYN that day. But, he did contact Dr. Rouse to update her on my progress. She was just as sweet and encouraging as Dr. Arbona. The next morning Dr. Murnane walked into my room and excitedly said, “I told Dr. Rouse I thought you would go into labor last night!”

Why I Stay

I have only had amazing care with all of the staff at Westar OB/GYN. What impresses me most about Dr. Murnane is his interest in the personal lives of his patients. Every time I am there he wants to see updated photos of my boys. He always asks about my job, family, vacations, or whatever comes up in conversation. I really appreciate that he doesn’t rush through the appointment. I don’t feel like another item on his checklist. Rather, I get the sense he truly cares about me.

Dr. Murnane is also concerned about my health as a whole, not just the reason I am there. He always checks my weight and speaks with me about how I am feeling. He has even referred me to specialists to address concerns that we discussed. His written referrals have helped me get into other doctors quickly.

The Convenient Location of Westar OB/GYN

Westar OB/GYN is located in Westerville, OH, just off of Polaris Parkway. You can easily get to Westar OB/GYN from Interstate 71 or 270. It is centrally located in the state and is just outside of Columbus, OH.

Westar OB/GYN practices exclusively at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital. St. Ann’s is a Level 3 Perinatal Center (the highest designation for obstetric care). That means it has all the necessary resources to provide the best possible care for any complications that may arise. Conveniently, Westar OB/GYN is located just 2 miles from St. Ann’s, on the same street.

High Recommended

I have only had very positive experiences with Westar OB/GYN, and judging from their raving Google reviews, so have many others! If you are looking for a doctor for your gynecologic care, Westar is a great place to consider!

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