Baby Photoshoot Columbus Ohio – Cake Smash


If you are like most of my clients, you have a specific taste with a style in mind for your child’s session. Whether it is simple milestone portraits, a theme, or a cake smash, I take pride in customizing each session to make it unique to you. I would love to help you in your baby photoshoot in Columbus, Ohio!

Meet Crew! I first met Crew when he was just a tiny newborn. He did great as a tiny baby model and I hit it off with his parents right away. I was so thrilled when Crew’s mom reached out to me to book a baby photoshoot in Columbus, Ohio! She was really on top of the planning and booked with me early. That gave me a good amount of time to plan his customized set!

Milestone Baby Photoshoot Columbus Ohio

Before busting out the cake for this baby photoshoot in Columbus, Ohio I did some classic portraits of Crew for his first birthday. His mom got an adorable demin jumper and I paired it with a neutral set. I wanted to keep things simple, but cute. I pulled out my vintage rocking chair and wooden blocks. Crew liked both! He spent a good amount tossing the blocks, and then crawling after them. He sure was quick to make up games and catch on to the fun. You can get blocks just like these for your one year old at Hobby Lobby. They are great for a photoshoot in Columbus, Ohio, but also babies love them!

Baseball Cake Smash

columbus ohio cake smash

Crew’s dad is a huge Cubs fan, so it was only fitting that they would want a baseball theme for his first birthday. I had a lot of fun planning his custom set. Several items I had on hand, but I did get some new baseball décor to complete the design.

Baby’s First GiftBaby Photoshoot Columbus Ohio

Everyone does the cake smash. It’s adorable and so fun getting to capture a baby’s first time eating cake. I wanted to think of something new, but along the same lines. So, before the cake I had this idea to do a first gift. Crew absolutely loved the ribbons! He didn’t need much encouragement to start tearing into the package.

baby photoshoot columbus ohio one year milestone - baby's first gift

Smash Cake Time!

Mom brought an awesome baseball shaped cake. Crew wasted no time! The best part was when he dove in head first and then started blowing raspberries. Of course, he figured out that we thought that was funny so he kept making all kinds of funny noises. He sure is an entertaining little guy! Happy first birthday, Crew! Thank you for such a fun session!

Make sure you plan your Baby Photoshoot in Columbus, Ohio in advance. Most of the bakeries are booked out for months. But, if you need a great cake, check out one of these fabulous bakeries.

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