The Best Photographers in Columbus

Peerspace recently published an article with The 6 Best Fine Art Photographers in Columbus. I was notified that I was chosen as their newborn pick for The Best Photographers in Columbus. What an amazing honor!

best newborn photographer in Columbus
newborn baby girl in the studio of Stacey Ash Photography

Here’s what they said about my work:

“Using natural poses, studio lighting, and a collection of props — including hats, blankets, and beds — to create the exact aesthetic you’re looking for, Stacey Ash produces timeless fine-art images of your newborn child. She’s amazing at getting up close to capture tiny feet, sleeping faces, and chubby cheeks from a variety of different angles.

All family members — dads, moms, and siblings — are encouraged to take part in the portrait session! The variety of textures, lighting styles, and clothing choices contrast incredibly well with the soft, fresh skin tones of newborns. Plus, the poses she uses are adorable without feeling contrived. We’ve no doubt Stacey is one of the best Columbus fine art photographers for your newborn photography session.”

Thank you, Peerspace!

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I’m Not the Only One

While I am confident in my abilites, I am not cocky enough to believe I am THE best. I know many great newborn photographers in the area. The neat thing about any of the arts is how they speak to people differently. Undoubtedly, my clients choose me for many different reasons. My photographer colleagues also have amazing skills. We are chosen because our work speaks to people. Surely, what matters is finding a photographer who can deliver images that resonate with you.

I believe what sets me apart is my ability to create unique sets. No two of my client galleries are the same. Many of my clients love themed sets and I am happy to deliver that for them! Others like simple and clean, which is also something I offer.

How I Know What My Clients Like

After a client books their session I send them a questionnaire. I use this to start planning out all of the sets we will do at their baby’s session. Firstly, I try to coordinate colors to match their home and any themes that matter to them. We may do half the sets in neutrals and then a few sets that focus on sports, hobbies, or careers.

I am beyond grateful that Peerspace has recognized me as one of the best photographers in Columbus. It certainly feels good to have my hard work noticed.

best photographers columbus ohio

Finally, my skills are not all that matter. We must work together to make your family images coordinate nicely with the rest of the session. When you need ideas for what to wear for you next photo session, maybe these tips will help!

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