Space Themed One Year Cake Smash in Powell, Ohio

A year ago I got to meet baby Deklan as a newborn. We were scheduled to meet up again for his one year session in mid-March. Then, COVID-19 hit and his session had to be postponed. I anxiously held on to the space themed props, waiting for the OK from health officials to open up the studio again.

Finally, only 3 months late, we got to celebrate Deklan’s first birthday with his space-themed set. I went into the studio the day before to create his awesome metallic balloon arch. I added some planets and blow-up space figures to the background. I love using twinkle lights with one year old sessions. They add that extra little pop to a designed set.

Before introducing the best part, we got a few clean photos of Deklan. He grinned sitting on the white curved bench and liked playing with the toy spaceship.

Deklan’s mom made this amazing moon cake, complete with craters. It looked great! Little Man got an immediate smile on his face when we sat him down and he savored every bite he took. He was so happy the entire time!

When it came time to clean up the mess, I got out the vintage pan and bubble bath. Deklan’s mom was curious to see how he would take to it because he generally doesn’t like water. And boy, was she right. We made lots of bubbles, but as soon as Deklan sat down the tears started. His brother and sister got him to calm down and enjoy it a little bit, but once he was clean, he was ready to get out.

The thing about one year olds is that even when they have serious, grumpy, or sad faces, they are still cute! We got some smiling photos of Deklan taking his bubble bath, but his mom liked the crying one best. And I have to agree. He’s adorable, even when he’s not happy.

I would love to help you design a set for your baby’s milestone session. Reach out to me and let’s start planning!

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