Photographer in Columbus Ohio: Meet Josh, Jaslynn, and Amora

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As a photographer in Columbus, Ohio I get to meet a lot of great families! Josh, Jaslynn, and Amora are one of those families!

Photographer in Columbus Ohio

Where it Began

Josh and Jaslynn have been together for six years. They first met in seventh grade and played basketball against each other with friends at the neighborhood rec center. Later they had a class together during freshmen year of high school, but never did really converse. It wasn’t until spring of senior year, when they were both invited to a friend’s birthday party, that they really started to get to know one another.

Family Photographer in Columbus Ohio

A couple months later, Josh stopped by Jaslynn’s job at the rec center pool, where they talked, exchanged numbers, and went on a date a couple days later. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

Jaslynn grew up Cincinnati. She attended the University of Cincinnati, then transferred to The Ohio State University. She currently works at Nationwide Children’s Hospital as a Patient Access Representative. Jaslynn loves her baby Amora, food, movies, fashion, and home decorating. She also enjoys watching sports and staying active.

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New dad in Columbus Ohio

Josh also hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a police officer for Capital University. He enjoys playing basketball and video games. Josh loves action movies and has an obsession with desserts.


Even though Josh and Jaslynn were not yet thinking of having children, their surprise pregnancy was such a big blessing. When Jaslynn realized her cycle was late she took a home pregnancy test, which was positive. Just to be sure, she took a couple more and they all confirmed she was pregnant. Jaslynn and Josh were shocked. They told Jaslynn’s mom first, then Josh’s family. They were all shocked as well, but happy!

New baby in Columbus Ohio

Everyone said they were surprised by how well Jaslynn handled the labor and said she took it like a champ. Labor was rough because she wasn’t dilated when they got to the hospital. Jaslynn was told she would probably have the baby the next day in the afternoon, but surprisingly the baby made her debut in the middle of the night at 3:42 A.M. 

Newborn baby

Naming the Baby

When they first found out they were having a girl, they really liked the name Reign but didn’t think much of it at the time. It took them awhile to come up with a name. Jaslynn really wanted a unique name that had meaning. The new parents were not seeing eye to eye on names. The baby’s grandmothers actually came up with the name Amora. Josh’s mom had mentioned Amora Reign, meaning “Love rules”. Josh’s mom never knew that Jaslynn’s mom had also suggested Amora so it feel like her name was meant to be. Jaslynn started writing her name out and liked it. It really flowed the more she said it. They loved the meaning and finally agreed that they also both loved the name. 

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Photographer in Columbus, Ohio

I was so lucky to be chosen as their Photographer in Columbus, Ohio! When a client books a newborn session I always send a questionnaire so I can plan their unique session. Jaslynn told me the meaning of Amora’s name and wanted to incorporate it into her photos. That’s what gave me the idea for the heart shape with the princess crown. I remember how alert Amora was as a newborn, but she was just so calm and cooperative for all of the poses! 

One year old Photographer in Columbus Ohio

Amora was the first child for Josh and Jaslynn. She came back to the studio for her one year session. Again, Jaslynn had some great ideas and we worked together to come up with a beautiful rose and peach cake smash set and a beach theme.

cake smash in Columbus Ohio

Amora has the cutest smile and laugh. She is very active and loves to talk. Baby Shark and Sesame Street are her favorite things to watch. She doesn’t really like vegetables but she eats them anyway. Amora loves oatmeal!

Photographer in Columbus Ohio

Jaslynn’s Thoughts after Hiring a Photographer in Columbus, Ohio

Jaslynn says, “My experience doing newborn photos with Stacey was awesome. She was very patient and kind. She really brought my ideas to life.”

New Family

Thank you Jaslynn and Josh for trusting me with capturing your beautiful family! It was my honor to be chosen as your photographer in Columbus, Ohio!

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