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Birthing Centers in Ohio: what to expect

How it works during a pandemic: birthing centers in Ohio

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The whole vibe around the process in birthing centers in Ohio has changed a lot because of COVID-19. If your expected delivery date is around the corner, but you are unsure about what to expect from birthing centers in Ohio with the pandemic, fret not. The times may be stressful and cause you anxiety, but expectant mothers like yourself can rest assured that the childbearing process remains the same, aside from a few new safety protocols. For a smooth process, it’s critical that you anticipate everything before going to the hospital by staying informed.

But, with an open mind, the challenges are less likely to faze you. Maternity services are endeavoring to support you in every way possible. Some health facilities may be understaffed, therefore your pre and post-natal appointments may not all be in-person. You will get the support you need nonetheless.

Limited Visitors at Birthing Centers in Ohio

Loneliness is perhaps the most you will experience, as only one birth partner is allowed in Ohio birthing centers during COVID. In fact, if you don’t appreciate many people in your room, you can take this as a positive and use the time to recover. Remember to bring everything you could possibly need because birth partners are not permitted to come back on the same day once they leave.

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Columbus, Ohio birth

Health guidelines can still leave a good experience, even at Birthing Centers in Ohio

As the COVID-19 virus continues to linger, birthing centers in Ohio are required to enforce strict mask wearing. It may come as a surprise that a birthing mother is expected to wear a mask while laboring, but it may not be as difficult as it sounds. Regularly working with new moms has given me the opportunity to speak with many women who have been through a birth during the pandemic. Every single mother I have spoken with has had a great birthing experience. They all said that they adjusted to wearing a mask and while different, it was not much of a challenge.

One thing that has emerged lately is the mental health concerns for expectant mothers aggravating postpartum depression for some. It is critical to understand that no amount of anxiety will change things. Your baby deserves a healthy mother. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the things that matter: staying safe, healthy, and preparing well for any eventuality that you may face.

Support is Important

Support is vital in times like these, which means new mothers also need emotional support in addition to medical care. During a pandemic there are fewer in-person visits with friends and family. That can start to feel overwhelming, but fear not. There are resources and support that can meet your needs. Perhaps the most beneficial is connecting with other moms. Right here in Ohio there is a support group, where moms of all ages and dynamics come together virtually. All mothers from around Central Ohio are invited! We offer support, fun, referrals, and anything in between. Come join us at Centr-Oh Moms!

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Centr-Oh Moms!

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