Newborn Photography Workshops Coming to Ohio

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I’m Stacey, the educator behind the upcoming Newborn Photography Workshops in Columbus. I love animals, babies, reruns of Friends, and being creative with my hands! As a little girl I used to sell my paintings along the roadside. Consequently, this was the beginning of my path as an entrepreneur!

I have been an educator for almost 20 years and love my career as a professional newborn photographer. Therefore, in 2021 I started mentoring other photographers in the art of newborn photograpy. My newborn workshops are based out of my Columbus, Ohio commercial studio. Teaching other photographers is the perfect combination of my creativity, love for teaching, the art of photography, and being around adorable babies! 

newborn mentoring workshop
Photo taken at a recent newborn photography workshop

My Why

Education is in my blood. When I was a little girl my dad built us this awesome club house. It had real windows and one of those doors where you could open just the top half. I kept a chalkboard and desks from an old schoolhouse in there. I used to play school with the neighbor kids. Of course, I was always the teacher! In college I taught aerobibs and private baton twirling lessons. I also have experience with teaching Sunday School, Safety Town, and enrichment camps. Then I became a first grade teacher and also started coaching a baton twirling group. Teaching just comes naturally to me.

I can envision things that others can’t. My friends and family often come to me when it comes to creating or art. I am a perfectionsit by nature. I am someone who pays attention to detail. So, when I became confident in my photography I started feeling the itch to share my knowledge and skills with others.

The Decision to Dive into Newborn Photography Workshops

The decision to start my own newborn photography workshop came when I attended a well-known photographer’s hands-on training. While it was fun and an honor to meet her, I didn’t walk away with any new knowledge. I also kept thinking during the training how the education piece could have been better. Yes, the images were amazing, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the attendees really got the hands-on experience they needed. Did they gain the knowledge that they had hoped for? That’s when I knew it was time to dive into the world of mentorship. Newborn photography workshops can follow several structures. I had a plan for how my workshop would be different. My workshop would work more like that of a classroom. My format would follow the model of instruct, demonstrate, practice, feedback.

So here I am! To keep true to my vision I will limit the number of photographers that attend each workshop. It is important to me that my students get the 1:1 attention they need and deserve. Using real baby models, I will show my students how to plan a set, fix the lighting, wrap, and pose. Then it’s your turn! You will get to try as I assist you to perfect it all.

The Structure

The day kicks off at 9:00. You will be greeted with a goody bag filled with some of my favorite baby items. We will have a quick chat so you can share what you would like to gain from this newborn photography workshop. Then the babies show up! The first half of the day will focus on table posing and props. You will learn how to properly light the sets. I will also show you my hacks for posing!


One of the best parts of attending professional development is lunch with your peers! I will provide the catered lunch so you won’t have to worry about packing or going out. Then we can chit-chat about life or work on some editing.


After lunch, more babies arrive. This part of the day will focus on wrapping. You will get to try wrapping with my guidance because hands-on is key to perfecting your craft! I will show you how to get a lot of variety out of a wrapped baby. This is important because it can help fill your galleries with beautiful images!


The last hour will be question and answer time. If the group prefers, we can work on editing during this time.

Testimonial About My Columbus Photography Mentoring

There are many educators who offer newborn photography workshops. So, how do you know if this is the right fit for you? You don’t have to take my word for it. Hear what one of my mentoring students has to say, for instance!

“I just completed a one on one mentoring weekend with Stacey. I’m brand new to newborn photography. If you’re considerig attending Stacey’s workshop I would highly recommend you go for it. Invest in yourself and your business. You won’t be sorry. Stacey is an excellent and patient teacher. She will work with you on whatever you need to practice with. You will learn a lot and have fun in the process.”

newborn workshop in columbus

“I absolutely loved it and I learned a ton!”

Sign up for 1:1 mentoring and find dates for all upcoming newborn workshops by Stacey Ash Photography at my education page:

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