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Pregnant during a pandemic in a Columbus Ohio birthing center.

Pregnant in Columbus Ohio

Pregnancy is stressful at the best of times. You are shuttled back and forth to a Columbus Ohio Birthing Center. Meanwhile, doctors test and prod you to ensure everything is normal. Then you have to prepare the nursery. And you need to pick out clothes and toys. Then, there’s deciding on names. And that’s before your contractions even begin!

COVID-19 adds another layer of stress. You have extra screenings and your consultations may be done via video. Additionally, you can only have one visitor during labor. There’s an old saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Certainly, you will need the extra support in pregnancy. But, the networks that help new mothers have suddenly been pulled away.

Surely, with all the pandemic stress, it’s hard to savor the joy of having a baby. In preparation, you do all the reading. But there are no pregnancy books about pandemics.

Instead, here are some key tips and facts to help.

The risk of newborn transmission

In this paragraph, health and safety of your child are addressed. Moreover, your baby’s safety will be your number one concern. Don’t let that alarm you. Pregnant women aren’t at higher risk of catching COVID. For instance, Dr. Todd Jenkins says most women do very well. Consequently, there is only a low risk of needing to be admitted to the ICU.

If you are COVID positive prior to admission in a Columbus Ohio Birthing Center, you will be placed in isolation. After birth, your baby will be isolated and tested for COVID. You can rest easy, knowing your baby is safe. Separating you from your baby is only done when completely necessary. Also, it is only done with your permission. If you have any questions, your obstetrician will happily provide more information.

Next, you may be wondering about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding and pregnancy are believed to not be common methods of infection. As a result, your baby is safe inside and outside the womb.

Breastfeeding in Columbus Ohio Birthing Center

Try to reach out

Birth plans are likely to shift with requirements. Therefore, these changes increase stress. You are not alone. Mothers all over the world are feeling the strain. However, modern technology can bring your friends and family to your bedside. Online support groups let you speak to other new moms. This provides an outlet for your worries. Also, let everyone know the visiting expectations ahead of time. This will prevent disgruntled loved ones. The more they know, the better they can support you.

Stay safe

You need to stay safe and cautious. It’s almost second nature for us. Remember to wear masks and wash your hands. You also need to keep your distance and limit contact. Also, make sure you still book your visits. Attend your video health checks. They are important, even if they are done virtually.

Vitamin D is a fantastic supplement to start taking. It boosts your immune system. It also lowers the risk of premature birth. We get vitamin D from sunlight. It’s worth taking a daily dose while you are suck inside.

Columbus Ohio Birthing Center – It’s time to have a baby!

In conclusion, try and enjoy the time. It might be stressful, busy, and lonely. Just do the best with the information you have about delivering in a Columbus Ohio Birthing Center Above all, your worries will melt away when your baby is in your arms.

*** Read more information about protocols in Ohio Birthing Centers
*** Don’t forget to book your maternity and newborn photos. Plan ahead to make sure your photographer has availability.


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