Emilia is the big ONE! A year ago Emilia was in my Powell studio for her newborn photos and just like that she was back for her one year cake smash! Emilia was my last session of 2019 and my last of 2020! Last year we did shades of pink for most of her photos, but we did throw in a few Christmas sets.

Emilia’s Christmas newborn photo

When the Steahlys first arrived at the studio, Jacob immediately remembered being there for his baby sister’s photos. He even found the bench that the two of them used for this adorable image.

We kicked off Emilia’s milestone session with family photos. Both of the kids did great and we got some cute expressions out of them.

Next up were the one year portraits. I always like to get some “clean” photos with the birthday set before bringing out the cake. Emilia’s mom told me the colors she wanted to use with hints of Christmas. I thought the red berries against the white backdrop were gorgeous.

Now for the full birthday set. It was time to break out the banner and balloons! “Merry Birthday” was the theme we came up with.

That smile is the result of big brother being silly. Emilia really loves Jacob!

Cake time! Emilia was willing to try the cake, but I’m not sure how much she liked it. She kept taking bites, but definitely gave us some funny faces and even spit it out a few times. You may be surprised, but a lot of one year olds don’t like cake. It’s a good idea to sample some before the session so they will actually eat it at the studio. Emilia knew what to do, but wasn’t convinced of the taste.

When it was clear that Emilia was done sampling the cake on her own, Jacob jumped in to help. She was happy to share! It was so sweet to watch them together.

My clients come from all over central Ohio for their customized milestone session. I love the challenge of making the session their own. To book your next milestone or cake smash, visit www.StaceyAshPhoto.com.

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