Meet the Kramps – Mount Vernon Family

This love story began at an elementary school career night back in 2008. Michelle had connections to the fire department, where her brother-in-law was a firefighter, so some staff members recruited her to secure a fire truck and squad for career night. Bryan was one of the firefighters who showed up to help. On her way home that evening, Michelle got a call from her step-sister asking if they could give her number to Bryan. And as they say, the rest is history.

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Their first date was the fire department Christmas party in December of 2008. They soon learned that they attended the same church, but had never met because they went to different services. Michelle and Bryan dated for six years and were married on July 12, 2014 at the historic Quarry Chapel, a small stone church in Gambier, Ohio. Their families gathered with them and they left for Saint Lucia the following day. Upon their return they found their bedroom filled waist-high with balloons; something they will never forget!

On August 18, 2017 the couple found out they were expecting. They were so excited to learn they would have a little one in less than a year! After some debate, they ultimately decided not to find out the baby’s gender. Family members on both sides were positive it was a big boy.

After laboring at home for awhile on April 14, 2018 they started their long drive to Dublin Methodist Hospital. On the way, Michelle had to move to the back seat to give herself more room to labor. Upon arrival, Michelle’s water broke while Bryan was parking the car. Within the next 90 minutes Michelle went from 3 – 8 cm. Brave Michelle opted to deliver naturally using hypnobirthing and at 1:57 A.M. on April 15 they had a beautiful baby girl!

Bryan and Michelle had discussed a few different names, but hadn’t settled on one before having the baby. After a day of pondering, they decided on Naomi because of the biblical standpoint and the meaning, “pleasantness”. 

Michelle and Bryan both have careers serving the public. I really enjoyed incorporating their careers into their newborn session for baby Naomi. There are other firefighters and teachers in her family, so this session was very fitting.

Bryan attended Sinclair University and works as a paramedic and firefighter. He is employed with the Mount Vernon Fire Department. Bryan enjoys the outdoors through hunting, fishing, and hiking.

Michelle went to Ohio Wesleyan University and is a kindergarten teacher at East Elementary School in Mount Vernon. She enjoys the outdoors, riding horses, and swimming. Some of Michelle’s other interests include instructing Yin Yoga, advising a dog club for 4-H, and teaching summer nature play camps at the Brown Family Environmental Center.

Naomi loves her dog Kya and visiting the barn to see her horse Bandit and the barn kitties Sassy and Pretty Girl. Naomi also likes the water, being outside, and reading books! She knows sign language and enjoys telling you about her day . . . all day long! Naomi plays hard and doesn’t like to give up. You can often find her climbing on something or dancing through the house. The Kramps enjoy her so much and she is greatly loved by everyone.

At one point in my teaching career, Naomi’s grandma happened to be my classroom aide and then replaced me as first grade teacher when I moved to Delaware County. I also knew Michelle on the professional level when we were teaching in the same district. With the importance of education in their family, the desk shot was at the top of my list for must-do poses. I remember being nervous about it, but Naomi went right into that pose, and every pose thereafter. She was so good during her newborn session and we got many adorable shots of her!

Naomi is one now! She came back to see me for her milestone and cake smash session. She was the happiest one year old I have had in the studio. It didn’t take her long to warm up to the camera and she showed us so many great facial expressions! What a doll! 

Bryan and Michelle would like to wish happiness and joy to all those who experience children in their lives and to those who are touched by the children of others. Michelle would like to say, “Children are a gift from God to be treasured! Enjoy each and every moment you get to spend in a child’s presence.”

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