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Mike and Julie met in December of 2010 at a bar in downtown Columbus. Their mutual friends, Ilene & Bryant, introduced them and they have been inseparable ever since. They shared their first kiss the night they met in front of the Taco Bell at High Street and Hudson Street. After dating for a year, they decided to move in together in a rental in Clintonville and then eventually bought a house in Hilliard
Mike and Julie were visiting friends in New York City when Mike decided to pop the question in Central Park. Of course, Julie said yes and they planned a June 2014 wedding. With Mike originating from Cincinnati and Julie from Cleveland, Columubs was the perfect middle ground for their wedding. They got married at a cute church in Clintonville and had the reception at J.Liu in Worthington. A year later, they honeymooned in Punta Cana.
Mike grew up in Fairfield, Ohio. He majored in Accounting at OSU, where he met some of his best friends. He now works as a finance manager in the solar division at IGS Energy. He helps finance and fund solar projects throughout the country. Even though Mike attended OSU, he is a HUGE University of Cincinnati fan, especially their basketball team. When he’s not rooting for the Bearcats, Mike can be found on the golf course perfecting his game.
Julie grew up in the quaint area of Chesterland. She graduated from West Geauga High School and went to The Ohio State University to major in pharmacy. Julie received a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, but ultimately decided that was not the route she wanted to take. She went on to get her Master’s in Education and now teaches freshmen physical science and AP Environmental Science at Olentangy High School. 
Julie’s passion is teaching environmental science and she really loves teaching young minds about the world around them and how they can make it a better place. She is the advisor of the school’s Recycling Club. Julie is also a huge advocate of adopting animals from local shelters. Her two dogs, Sadie and Nina, are adopted collies from the Columbus area. In her free time, Julie enjoys gardening and going to local parks with the dogs and two kids.
Julie and Mike welcomed Owen William into the world in June of 2017. Being a two-year old, Owen is full of energy. He loves being outside and going to the playground. He’s also a huge lover of animals and enjoys going to the Zoo, where he can see his favorite animal, the rhino.
Their second child, Eva Louise, was born in September of 2019. She enjoys lounging around and staring at the ceiling fan. Owen is very intrigued by her and wants to constantly stroke her head.

For both births of Owen and Eva, labor and delivery was pretty fast. Julie was very nervous about being sent home from the hospital. In both cases, she was 8 cm dilated and gave birth in less than four hours. For Owen’s birth, Julie was having contractions all day, but didn’t realize. Finally when Mike came home from work, they went to the hospital during rush hour. For Eva’s birth, the epidural barely had time to set in before she was delivered. Julie feels very fortunate to have non-complicated deliveries and the babies were full-term.

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