Family Session at OWU

It was such a relief to get the clearance from the health department to start sessions back up after mandated closures for COVID-19. My first family session back in business, using a mask and social distancing was with the Lapes of Galena.

ohio family photographer
The Lape children posing in Delaware, Ohio

When Karrie Lape inquired about an outdoor family session, I immediately started brainstorming. There are so many beautiful locations for photos in central Ohio. Did they want more of a rustic vibe with trees and bridges, a garden feel with benches and flowers, or something with some nature and architecture mixed in? I gave Karrie a few options and we agreed the campus of Ohio Wesleyan would be perfect for her family of 5.

The Lapes had never explored the campus before so they relied on me to know where to go for the best shots. We met at the park at the end of campus, where there were some purple bushes still in bloom. It was the perfect spot for some photos on the blanket. Then, we proceeded down the brick path to head to the other end of campus.

central ohio spring photo session
The Lape family walking the path at Ohio Wesleyan

All of the kids were such great sports. The girls had matching Easter dresses and brother Tanner wore a button up shirt in the same color scheme. I’m glad they got some use out of those beautiful outfits. Karrie told me they didn’t get to wear them on Easter because of quarantine. Baby Rylie didn’t know what to think of my mask. She never cried, but she sure did stare at me!

family session delaware ohio

As we continued through campus there were a few areas I knew about and we stopped along the way when we got inspired. Karrie spotted a fun tree and wanted to try getting the kids in it. We quickly realized that not all of the kids were going to be able to get in the tree, but we still got an adorable pose out of them!

Father Scott has a special bond with the baby in the family. Rylie smiled easily for him when he lifted her up. The two of them played and interacted while the big kids gathered their shoes (beauty can be painful at times). I quickly started snapping and Rylie looked right at me as if to say, “Hey, look at me flying with my daddy!”

family photo session spring in ohio

The family’s last request was to get a photo in front of a brick wall. Many of the buildings on campus are covered with windows, but I did know of one wall that was all brick. It was our last stop before heading home for the evening.

family spring photo session, central ohio, delaware, OWU
Family session in Delaware, Ohio

At this point, most kids would be tired and grumpy. It was approaching 8:00 and their little feet were sore, but I have to give the Lape kids major credit (and Mom and Dad for how they have raised them). They were still smiling and going strong all the way until the end. I never once heard a complaint about getting their picture taken. I enjoyed hearing their stories about school, homeschooling during quarantine, and visiting the kona-ice truck for a friend’s birthday. They were such a pleasant family!

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